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Love Triangle or Love Cube? Oliver’s One-sided Love Story !

I know now that there is no guarantee in animal kingdom that alpha male can impress a female. Exact phenomenon unfolded at our USA Agro Farm. Our Easter egger rooster Oliver is alpha male. He’s already defeated our adopted Speckled Sussex rooster Bartolito but our adopted beauty Buff Brahma Coruleka didn’t give him a pecking order- ignoring him and spoiling his precious foraging time. Coruleka is our newly adopted dazzling beauty and only girl of the sixth-month maturity out of our 100+ heritage breed chickens. Coruleka’s best friend and our another adopted beauty Speckled Sussex Batarasa is also not interested with Oliver either. Batarasa is not mature but could scare Oliver with aggressive NO! (look photo or watch video for proof). They have instead choosen their long time friend and underdog Bartolito over towering personality Oliver!

Dazzling Coruleka (Buff Brahma), lovely Batarasa (specked sussex) and handsome Bartolito (specked sussex Rooster) are gifted by our dear friend Carlos. Coruleka is 6-month old and already started laying eggs, Batarasa is 3-month old and Bartolito is 4-month old rooster !

Adopt a chicken or two !

USA Agro Farm welcomes adorable chickens to be adopted and raised at our farm. You can also adopt a chicken or two and we take care of them in best possible way of life they can thrive- grass-fed, pastureland raised!

Presenting our Grass-fed, pastureland-raised organic heritage breed beauties:


अनारकलीहरू !

युएसए एग्रो फार्मको लव ईन्टरेस्ट


Anarkalis: USA Agro Farm’s Love Interest


हामी कहाँ अब १२ हेरिटेज प्रजातिका थुप्रै अनारकलीहरू छन्ः

We’ve these 12 varieties heritage breed Anarkali beauties:

Columbian Wyandotte, Buff Brahma, Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Green Queen- which lays light green eggs, Easter Egger which lays light pale blue green egg, Silver and Golden Laced Wyandotte, Delaware, Speckled Sussex and Black Jersey Giant.

आगामी मार्च महिनादेखि रंगीविरंगी अर्ग्यानिक अण्डा र चरनमा हुर्केको (grass-fed pastureland raised) लोकल कुखुरा उपलब्ध हुनेछ।

अपडेटको लागि हेर्नुहोस्ः

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