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USA Agro Farm

organic. sustainable. green

USA Agro Farm aims to become integral part of sustainable organic farming in the United States by positioning itself as one-stop farming platform for organic produce such as vegetables, fruits, medicinal and aromatic herbs/plants; grass-fed pastureland-raised free range, cage-free live stocks such as goats and chicken. We bring our generations of farming spirit and expertise from Nepal to USA and strive to serve local community their healthy food choice and contribute to reduce food insecurity.

Our motto is, “Organic, Sustainable and Green”. We are committed to maintain permaculture so that our earth can sustain for future generations. Without sustainable farming practices we can’t envision an eco-friendly society as well as healthy individual, family, community and a prosperous nation as a whole.



Pradeep & Bishnu

USA Agro Farm, LLC’s co-promoters are Pradeep Pariyar Thapa and Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Hon.D.Lit. They both come from generations of farmer families in Nepal. They are award-winning personalities in their respective fields of rural entrepreneurship, digital journalism and social advocacy in the United States and Nepal.


A Family Tradition

Farming Family

Mr. Pradeep Pariyar Thapa is learned farming enthusiast as he comes from generational farming family in Nepal. He is also brand consultant, digital journalist and IT professional. He has 30 years of print and digital media experience in Nepal and USA and 20 years of web development, digital branding experience in India and USA. Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of

He plans to take the family farming tradition to next level with the help from his youngest bother Khadga Bir Thapa who has started modern sustainable agriculture farming in 2000.

Mr. Thapa’s father, a WWII war hero, late Insp. (SPFGC) Jit Bahadur Thapa Magar, IDSM, Burma Star (WWII) who became the first village chieftain of their native village Thulo Lumpek, Gulmi (Nepal) in 1962. After retiring from Singapore Police Force Gurkha Contingent (SPFGC) in 1959, he had taken agriculture farming training at famed Lumle Agriculture Research Center, Pokhara in 1960 which was funded by Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, Hong Kong.

Coincidentally, youngest of Thapa family, Khadga also had taken agriculture training from the same center. Khadga is now a leading agro entrepreneur and trainer in Nepal. He is also USAID's Master Trainer of Business Literacy Program for farmers (2015-2017). He is also one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs (Farmers) of Daayitwa Enterprize Challenge 2015 Gulmi, Nepal.

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USA Agro Farm

290 U.S. 206 South, Newton, NJ 07860


Call:+01-917-570-1098 (USA)

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