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USA Agro Farm is one-stop American farm for organic produce such as vegetables, fruits, medicinal and aromatic herbs/plants; grass-fed pastureland-raised free range, cage-free live stocks such as goats & chicken. We bring our generations of farming spirit and expertise from Nepal to USA and strive to serve local community their healthy food choice and contribute to reduce food insecurity.


Part of permaculture at our farm consists of sun flower, mix vegetables and fruits at our farm. We will be planting substantial amount of green vegetables such as green beans, Asian Hyacinth beans (Tate Simi), Balsam Apple (Barela), chillies, pumkins, bitter melons (karela), stinging nettles (sisno), potatoes, tree tomatoes, toothache plant (goraspan-marathi) and bottle gourd (lauka). We’ll also have fruits such as blueberries and cucumber.

Fruits & Vegetables at Farmstand

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