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Water that doesn’t freeze

कान्छी नानी, चपकलको पानी!

Water that doesn’t freeze🥶

Food security and sustainable agriculture champion, Foodshed Alliance has provided this 4 feet deep water line and hydrant that don’t freeze in minus degrees winter. My farm and livestocks will have well-fresh water throughout the frozen winter months- November to March. I know the immense value and impact this project will have on the success of my farming journey in the Northeast United States. I carried water from home in Lake Hopatcong every day for 6 winter months for my fledgling chickens that are now budding egg-laying beauties.🐥🐣🐓🥚 Now, with growing heard of goats, it would be almost impossible to make fresh water available in the coming winter.❄️☃️🐐🐐🐐

This is indeed a lifeline of my green, organic and sustainable farming mission that I am so committed to make it happens. Thank you, Kendrya Close, Executive Director, Eric Derby, Program Manager and entire Board of Foodshed Alliance. I’m forever grateful and promise to not let you down.🙏💕👏🙏

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