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Oliver aka Ombahadur’s Anarkalis: A True Love Story at USA Agro Farm

This love story is retold as our 6-month old Ester Egger Rooster, Oliver aka Ombahadur is grooming our heritage breed Anarkali beauties to be his next love partner this coming Spring to have his own offsprings so that his legacy will be continued year after year. Oliver with his towering peronality and attitude, wants you to know that he is the guy who will welcome you at our organic USA Agro Farm with organic eggs produced by his soulmates and subjects.

Presenting our Grass-fed, pastureland-raised organic heritage breed beauties:


अनारकलीहरू !

युएसए एग्रो फार्मको लव ईन्टरेस्ट


Anarkalis: USA Agro Farm’s Love Interest


हामी कहाँ अब १२ हेरिटेज प्रजातिका थुप्रै अनारकलीहरू छन्ः

We’ve these 12 varieties heritage breed Anarkali beauties:

Columbian Wyandotte, Buff Brahma, Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Green Queen- which lays light green eggs, Easter Egger which lays light pale blue green egg, Silver and Golden Laced Wyandotte, Delaware, Speckled Sussex and Black Jersey Giant.

आगामी मार्च महिनादेखि रंगीविरंगी अर्ग्यानिक अण्डा र चरनमा हुर्केको (grass-fed pastureland raised) लोकल कुखुरा उपलब्ध हुनेछ।

अपडेटको लागि हेर्नुहोस्ः

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