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Cultural Connection to the Land

A meaningful exchange about cultural connection to the land with Ñawi K. Flores, Consultant at GrowNYC and member of Kallamp ORG.

For thousands of years, the Kichwa people of the Andes have used "k'allam'p" to describe their relationship between the land and their societal knowledge.

About GrowNYC

GrowNYC was originally created in 1970 as the Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC). Born out of the spirit of the first Earth Day, CENYC was initially a policy-based organization, writing comprehensive reports about quality of life issues like air quality, traffic, and noise. As the largest and most established environmental organization in NYC, it played a pivotal role in helping New York City transform over the past five decades. Today 3 million New Yorkers each year participate in GrowNYC programs.


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